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ymolaugh asked: hey first off i love your page valdaya is my dream they are so cute together but side note i was watching dwts old stuff and saw this video of val feeling on amber riley butt so i started reading the comments and some was saying him and amber had a little flirty thing going on a little is that true i tried sending it to you but i couldnt but the video is dancing with the stars - amber riley and derek hough afterbuzz tv interview november 4th 2013 skip to 1: 49 in the video

lol i’ve never seen that, it’s super cute and funny.  i never heard anything about him and amber having a thing though.  i mean he’s just a flirty/touchy guy in general i guess.  did you want me to gif this? or were you just showing it to me?

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his hand is so big and his arm is wrapped so far around her she is so tiny and he is so strong omg BYE

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↳ Gif-set re-doValdaya + Married tbh


Zendaya and Wynonna after Val and Danica QuickStep


 valdaya + married tbh

They are so fucken in sync with eachother