gegeluvsu asked: For a while I thought it was wrong to ship Valdaya because.. well she's underage. So I fought the urge to scream kiss her every time they hugged until I came to tumblr. And found this. This beautiful place filled with Valdaya love. Ugh I ship it so hard it hurts.

lmao i’m glad i could be of service :) <3

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"Could you describe your ideal partner?"

Val: *describes Zendaya* 
Zendaya: *describes Val*



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“Every dancer in the world knows the huge challenges that come with pursuing the career of ballroom dancing. Why make it even more difficult? When we are surrounded by regulations that tell us what WE CANNOT DO instead of all the things WE CAN, that is when individuals lose inspiration. I unfortunately lost mine.” — Val Chmerkovskiy (2011 a.k.a. pre-Zendaya)

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Anonymous asked: Surprise! You've been tapped! Now you must give up at least one personal confession that involves the Valdaya tag! (IE: Can't go a day w/o checking it, etc.) Okay now go!

I hate the tag.

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Anonymous asked: Kelly (not Monaco)! We miss you!!

I miss you guys too! I can never find a spare moment for this blog it seems :( Also lol at the ol’ nickname hahaha

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Anonymous asked: Could you please explain me what is Val talking about?

In those tweets? He’s referring to people hating on/criticizing Zendaya for getting the role of Aliyah in the upcoming biopic!

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